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Paul Kahs current research focuses mainly on application of Design of Experiments for improved process understanding and process system control of fusion welding using advanced techniques to find optimum parameter choices enabling properties improvement of weld joints. Achieving more reliable and longer-lasting properties that yield fewer defects and produce accepted standard quality in the weld joint is possible with better understanding of the processes and parameters involved.

Research advancements will be utilized to enhance fusion welding as an additive manufacturing methodology for production processes and as a repairing technique. Effective welding-based additive manufacturing will have a significant impact on reducing material consumption and the cost of manufacturing. Directed energy deposition processes such as laser-based additive manufacturing and wire arc additive manufacturing are the main processes being developed.

Improved understanding of welding processes is an important part of ongoing research to enhance the weld properties of electric vehicle batteries. Electric vehicle batteries usually have thousands of small welds joining the battery cells. The objective is to minimize the formation of hard and brittle intermetallic compounds in the welding metallurgy, which reduce the electrical capacity and the structural performances of the joints.

In 2021, Paul published the book “Advancements in Intelligent Gas Metal Arc Welding Systems” describing the state-of-the-art of Gas Metal Arc Welding, providing a solid theoretical basis and enabling deeper understanding of parameter selection.

To the consumer, welding often remains an unseen process, yet its importance to product quality and sustainability should not be underestimated.

Paul Kah is working as a Professor in Welding Technology at the Department of Engineering Science, University West, Trollhättan, Sweden.

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