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The proposed project will be set in 5 primary health care (PHC) clinics in the rural OR Tambo district, Eastern Cape, South Africa, where governmental healthcare staff tend to be overburdened and have little time for health promotion and education.

Almost all households have access to smart phones. We therefore propose a strategy using internet- or server-based digital knowledge hubs at facilities and allowing anyone attending PHC clinics to download health educational material onto phones. Reliable information about their illnesses would then be available to patients and their families to watch at home. Patient-specific information would be bundled with general health information which will be of broader benefit to households and communities.


  • Vård och hälsovetenskap
  • Informatik

Forskningsmiljö / Institution

  • Arbetsintegrerat lärande
  • Institutionen för ekonomi och IT


Övriga projektmedverkande

Dr. Karl le Roux
Walter Sisulu University

Dr. Anna Kagesten
Karolinska Institutet

Linnea Stansert Katzen
Stellenbosch University


  • Walter Sisulu University
  • Karolinska institutet
  • Stellenbosch University




2020 - 2020

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