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Statistics indicate that the Swedish population will increase with more then a million inhabitants in the coming decade. Most of this population increase consist of migrants. These migrants consist of a very heterogeneous group with different needs and potentials to effectively become integrated into the Swedish society. Current general assumptions and top-down oriented policies and solutions are obviously not suitable to support an efficient integration process. Instead, this project claims that integration processes must be formed at the local level, adapted to the constrains and opportunities in the local society. In collaboration with local actors at the municipal level (Uddevalla and Trollhättan), this project therefore aims to develop a local applicable time-spatial analytical model with an individual perspective that can enhance an integration process suitable for migrants’ different needs and opportunities.

Participating Researchers:
Professor Per Assmo, University West
Dr Thomas Winman, University West

Collaboration Partners:
Uddevalla Municipality
Trollhättan Municipality

External Funding:
Uddevalla Municipality
Trollhättan Municipality

 Time Frame:
2018 - 2021

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