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This project is a direct outcome of the STINT initiation grant recieved by the applicant. Building on the established contact between the International Programme for Politics & Economics at the University West, Sweden and the Department of Political Studies at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa this application aims to develop a research and educational collaboration in work integrated political studies. The project will hence develop formal collaborative international Master's Programme in Work Integrated Political Studies.

The programme will be competitively positioned due to the unique combination of a collaboration between universities from the north and south, and an emphasis on work integrated applied studies. The programme will include taught modules, internships with government departments/civil society organisations, including applied research dissertations. Students will be encouraged to travel to South Africa or Sweden respectively for at least one component of the programme. In addition, the precise thesis topic will be identified in consultation with the host organisation to address the research needs of their host. Linked to this, we will conduct research
in the field of WIL and thereto develop a joint international research platform with a PhD programme around issues of work integrated applied political studies.


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  • Institutionen för ekonomi och IT


  • Per Assmo

Medverkande Högskolan Väst

  • Per Assmo


  • Högskolan Väst, interna medel
  • Stiftelsen för internationalisering av högre utbildning och forskning (STINT)


2018 - 2021

Senast uppdaterad