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The scope covers the entire value chain from substrates to end-use and a range of targeted information and communication activities, development of models, tools and pilots for technology, business development, planning and policies.

This will stimulate increased production and use of biogas in short and long term, and contribute to a greener economy and low-carbon community. Biogas is an important energy carrier and is one of the most relevant alternatives for increasing the share of renewable energy in the transport sector where the use of fossil fuels is most intense. The production of biogas is per definition relatively decentralized as it mainly has to be produced nearby the source of substrates to avoid costly transports. The use is however, mainly in the transport sector, favored by larger geographical perspectives on the development and market. This calls for coordination, collaboration and planning. Within the ÖKS-area there are great possibilities to reach the critical mass needed in terms of area and actors. The project which builds upon the finalized Interreg project Implement and the pre-project Biogas 2020 will be carried out as complementary to national, regional and local initiatives and actions. The Biogas 2020 project includes a wide consortium of actors from public operations, research and development and business. These will be pooled and coordinated within the framework of a biogas platform that will be created within the ÖKS-region.


The main objectives of the platform is to:

  • Create an overarching vision and aim for the biogas development in Scandinavia
  • Facilitate transnational and interregional cooperation's, pilots and tests.
  • Through transnational collaborations and actions develop new technology, new tools, instruments and methods that will increase the production and use of biogas
  • Exchange and transfer of knowledge, models and methods for increased competence and dissemination of information and know-how

The aim is that the biogas platform will, during the project period, transform from establishment with many regional and local actors and networks to an operation phase for long-term function and organization. We will create a network and integrated cooperation which creates growth and jobs through innovation, collaboration between R&D, public authorities and business actors. The purpose is that the experiences, findings and results created by the project shall be the foundation for long term effects and improvements in the biogas value chain and feasibility. This will be monitored in relation to both result and activity indicators. The project consist of 5 work packages with a range of sub-tasks. The work packages are:

  1. Project coordination and management
  2. Communication
  3. The biogas platform
  4. Production and processes
  5. Infrastructure

In addition to Lead partner, Norwegian project owner and national coordinators each of the WP will have a leader which will function as coordinator of all included sub-tasks and actions. The WP leader will ensure and facilitate communication with other WP leaders and serve as channel to the Platform for monitoring and coordination for optimal information dissemination and cost-efficiency in the implementation of the project.

The project is considered to have a high level of transfer of experience, cooperation and results over the borders within the ÖKS-region. This is due to the high number of partners covering the entire area and types of actors in the value chain as well as the intense anchoring of the project amongst key actors and stakeholders carried out in conjunction with the prior projects and within the setting up of this proposal.

The project contributes strongly to sustainable development within the ÖKS-region and is considered to have a high impact on long term beyond the project life span.

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Christophe Lyphout


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2015 - 2018


Mikael Ericsson

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