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However, they have not quite reached the market position that could be expected. The project therefore aims at increasing the use of duplex stainless steels by: 

  1. Providing end-users with an easy-to-use computerized on-line guideline for flexible and productive welding of today's commercially available duplex stainless steel grades. The guideline will predict the resulting microstructure (and properties) for a given choice of welding method, welding parameters, steel, welding consumables and weld geometry. The result will be related to requirements in codes and standards and advice will be given on the suitability of the suggested welding procedure.

  2. Making it possible to develop new and optimized steels and filler metals faster by providing a verified and documented methodology for predicting the response of any (duplex) stainless steel composition to welding thermal cycles. This will make it possible to in a flexible and economical way develop specialized grades for new applications.

The project builds on a pre-study where the methodology of combining thermodynamic models and computational weld modelling for prediction of the response to composition and weld thermal cycles was tested. The approach was successful and results were verified by comparison with experiments. The consortium consists of national experts from the entire value chain covering production, welding and use of duplex stainless steel as well as expertise on modelling. This ensures that the interests of both producers and end-users are considered and that the competence needed for the project is available.


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