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The tool-box will be based on non-contact sensors and appropriate algorithms for robotized welding. The scientific goal is to understand and implement sufficient and necessary flexibility in welding cells in order to obtain approved quality in welded joints.

Flexible automation solutions for welding processes are needed in order to guarantee robust production during varying conditions, like different disturbances, tolerances, material, complex geometries, temperatures, etc. The physics and demands are different for different welding processes and applications, as are the possible automatic modifications of weld paths and weld parameters. The research team Production Technology West has acquired promising experiences from integration of sensor- and control systems for on-line corrections of various parameters during TIG and laser welding (including metal deposition). The continued research emphasizes deeper understanding of what is feasible to achieve through integration of sensors and control algorithms in the collaborating companies' production.

Project description
To arrive at flexible automatic solutions there is a need for knowledge about what variations and disturbances can occur, and how to monitor and compensate for them.
The project identifies what parameters must be monitored on-line in order to guarantee approved weld quality, and how this information can be used for control purposes. Since these demands and solutions differ from situation to situation generic solutions are sought for. A generic solution demands a versatile framework for data acquisition, data analysis, data storage, algorithm development and implementation, and that is the starting point of the project.

The problems and expectations at the collaborating companies are first identified together with the experiencies of the researchers. Subtasks are then formulated and prioritized. Primarily, existing processes and equipment at Production Technology West will be used, that is arc, laser and friction stir welding – all robotized. Among the non-contact measurement technologies are cameras, spectrometers, pyrometers and laser scanners. Research efforts are also needed on a system level to be able to transfer research results to the collaborating companies.


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2011 - 2016

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