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Gas-Metal arc welding processes have developed significantly during the last 10 – 20 years, among other things through the possibilities for advances control of the process parameters (current, voltage etc) that has become feasible by use of modern micro processors and switched power sources. A number of variants of the conventional MIG/MAG and TIG processes have been developed, for example for welding of thin sheets (also called "cold methods"). For welding of heavier plates there are today methods like tandem and twin-arc. Further, different hybrid methods have been developed, in particular Laser-Mag hybrid welding.

The methods have been examined in a high number of investigations during the past years, both from a more fundamental angle (e.g modeling) as well as in different applications studies. There is still however much to do to understand the processes better, especially the influence of process parameters and their relationship to each other, in order to if possible develop them further. Also the robustness (tolerance to parameter variation) and economy (profitability) are becoming more in focus.

The aim of the present projects is therefor to study a couple of the different methods from different angles and with different tools, to increase the knowledge about how the methods can be used in an optimal way and to create "independent" knowledge. The projects will be directed towards process understanding, application studies and modeling. Further, the welding of different steels will be examined more closely, like high strength steels and stainless steels.

Another aim with the projects is with the help of a systematic investigation create understanding of similarities and differences  between the different methods and process variants and in that way create new independent knowledge of interest to University West and the participating companies. The industry shall get a good understand for the advantages, disadvantages and possibilities with different welding methods.


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