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SCoPe seeks to utilize the complementary experience and expertise of partners through co-production to address the incessant industrial demand for coatings with superior corrosion performance in harsh high temperature environments. Although the focus is specifically on
biomass/waste-fired power plant boilers, and black liquor recovery boilers (BLRBs), the outcome will not only be of immediate use to power plants in Sweden but also lay foundation for tailoring next generation corrosion resistant coatings for other high temperature

Ni-based and MCrAlY-type coatings yielding alumina, chromia and mixed alumina-chromia scales and deposited by the emergent supersonic high velocity air-fuel (HVAF) process, which promises to yield coatings superior to those deposited by the current state-of-the-art high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) technique, will be investigated. Different coating architectures, such as monolithic, layered and composite, will also be studied.

The following collaboration network of stakeholders with complementary competencies, covering the entire value chain, has been

  • the leading thermal spray academic R &D group in Sweden, University West (Högskolan Väst, hereafter called HV)
  • a global leader in function-dependent design & manufacture of high temperature materials, Sandvik Heating Technology AB (SANDVIK)
  • a company with expertise in application of coatings for power plant boilers, MH Engineering AB (MHE)
  • a leading developer and manufacturer of boilers, gasifiers and power plants, VALMET
  • users employing black liquor and other bio-fuels/wastes for power generation, BillerudKorsnäs Karlsborg (BK), BillerudKorsnäs Skärblacka (BS), Borås Energi (BE) and Trollhättan Energi (TE).

This consortium is bolstered by collaboration between University West and the High Temperature Corrosion Centre (HTC), Chalmers as well as a recently established linkage with University of Nottingham (UN), UK to enable the problem to be comprehensively addressed by taking it all the way to industrial qualification of coatings in complex environments.

The continued search for superior protection from high temperature corrosion in power plant boilers motivates SCoPe, as challenges posed by corrosion in energy production are well-known and a coating that can fully meet industry aspirations is still elusive. Recognizing
the legislation-driven trend to use renewables as fuel, the effort specifically addresses combating corrosion and/or corrosion-erosion damage in biomass/waste-fired boilers and BLRBs as it impacts efficiency and economics.

The overall goal of SCoPe is to enable a new generation of coatings that outperform today's state-of-the-art high temperature corrosion resistant coatings, contributing not only to development of the research group and all participating companies (powder manufacturer,
coating service provider, boiler manufacturer & energy producers) but also benefiting industries outside the consortium.


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