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High strength steels are of interest for many new constructions. With more high strength steels, the construction can become lighter, which, for example for vehicles, can mean lower fuel consumption or higher pay load.

One limitation for an increased use of high strength steels is that they are more difficult to weld and that the welding impairs important properties. University West therefor run several projects together with Swedish industry, where the aim is to investigate different aspects of welding of these steels and come up with recommendations how to weld them. Through these projects we hope to contribute to remove some of the obstacles for increased future usage of these steels, with benefits for the environment. Companies cooperating in the projects are for example SSAB and Esab, both world leading in the field of high strength steels and welding.

Examples of research questions are how different welding methods affect the steels and the mechanical properties, how small defects (cold laps) in the interface between the weld metal and base metal, negatively affecting the fatigue life of a component, are formed and how the steels should be welded avoiding cracking.


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