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  • Datum:
  • 13 sep
  • Tid:
  • 12:00 - 13:15
  • Plats:
  • Högskolan Väst
  • Lokal:
  • I225 Konstantinopel

Denna händelse är öppen för allmänheten

Forskningsmiljön LINA, Lärande i och för det nya arbetslivet, bjuder in till lunchseminarie med Taylor Bousefield på temat Development from novice to experts: What it means for teachers in the trenches 

The development of individuals as they gain skills and move from a novice to an expert in any given field can be described by the Skill Acquisition Model (SAM), created by Dreyfus and Dreyfus (1986).  The journeys for teachers working with students with disabilities in teacher preparation and students in general have been long and ever-changing. Today’s practices for teacher preparation have moved beyond simple moral education to high-stakes and high levels of accountability for both teacher practice and, most importantly, student learning (Kaufman & Ireland, 2016). The difference today is that the learning provided by a novice teacher is not just to upper-class elite students (Boyd et al., 2008; Headden, 2014; McLeskey & Brownell, 2015) but to an array of students with diverse learning and behavioral needs (Kaufman & Ireland, 2016). While the degree of knowledge acquisition varies for each teacher, those who achieve the highest levels of expertise are noted to typically do so after about seven years of teaching (Berliner, 2001, 2004). Dreyfus and Dreyfus (1986) explain that this SAM occurs over five stages of development. Dreyfus and Dreyfus’ stages from novice to expert were used to frame this research study aligned with the work of Berliner on expert teacher practices and stages of teacher development. The presentation will describe each stage of the SAM model as it relates to all teachers in the classroom and specifically to teachers working with students with autism spectrum disorder.  Implications for future teacher preparation and the use of simulation for accelerating SAM will be discussed. 

Vi bjuder på lunchmacka.

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