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  • Datum:
  • 24 okt
  • Tid:
  • 11:00 - 13:00
  • Plats:
  • Högskolan Väst
  • Lokal:
  • I104

Denna händelse är öppen för studenter och medarbetare

LINA bjuder in tilll lunchseminarium med titeln Picture this: New approaches to student discussions about professionalism and WIL experiences med Dr Tracey Bowen University of Toronto

WIL placements provide opportunities for students to transfer skills while “trying on” their professional persona in an industry setting. However, the value of those experiences is more fully realized through discussions that happen when students reflect, analyze, and rethink their actions. Rich Pictures (RP), a form of collaborative drawing, is an innovative tool used to facilitate dialogue about the challenges students face on work placement, the ways they meet those challenges, and talk to each other about becoming a professional. RPs are used in a fourth year internship class as a way to facilitate students sharing their experiences in small groups. The students are able to draw figures or “actors” that play out distinct roles in relation to a potential workplace dilemma.  RPs provide a new strategy for incorporating reflection with active problem solving that challenges students’ decision-making and sense of autonomy. The use of RPs to facilitate role-playing helps students become more self-aware as emerging professionals.

This seminar will involve participants in a Rich Picture collaborative drawing exercise, and provide the basis for discussion about the ways in which this pedagogical strategy may be used to facilitate reflection for WIL students and team problem solving within the classroom.

Vi bjuder på en lunchmacka vänligen anmäl dig till senast den 21 oktober, ange ev.specialkost.

Varmt välkommen!