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  • Datum:
  • 20 nov
  • Tid:
  • 10:00 - 15:00
  • Plats:
  • Högskolan Väst
  • Lokal:
  • Dorpat (D220)

Denna händelse är öppen för medarbetare

Workshop om att skriva forskningsansökan (På engelska - tal och text)

Dear HV colleague, this autumn GIO (Grants and Innovation Office) will organize grant writing workshops – one in English and one in Swedish. Participants will read and feedback on each other's grant application texts: “front pagers” as of the set-up below. The workshops are aimed at researchers (PhD degree) at University West.
An experienced evaluator will be invited to open the workshop with a dos-and-don'ts presentation. After a shorter presentation of the set-up, the remaining time will be dedicated to reviewing the participants’ texts. All participants bring a "front page" with the following content (Swedish or English depending on which workshop you signed up to):

  1. Title of project
  2. Overall objective of your project or research (one sentence)
  3. Defining the problem and why it needs attention (10-15 lines)
  4. Research question/hypothesis
  5. Specific aims, a list of 2-3 aims describing what you plan to do in order to answer your question/test your hypothesis.

The justification of this general "front page" set-up is that:

  1. reviewers of research applications, most likely, have limited time per application;
  2. reviewers, most likely, do not have the same competence in the subject as the applicant;
  3. financiers, most likely, prefer to fund a project with distinct research questions rather than a descriptive project;
  4. the application is an "add" to sell the applicant's project, rather than a scientific paper. Also, from our experience it is useful to work hands-on with texts - including reviewing others. The amount of text must however be adjusted for the group.

The expectation is that the participants get ideas and inspiration for an application in planning. Any resulting applications should of course be set up according to the specific requirements of the financier and the call. At the next step GIO are happy to help with reviewing individual applications.

Two occasions, one with talk and text in English, one with talk in Swedish and text in Swedish or English. Max 10 participants per occasion - first come, first served.


Nov 13, 10:00-15:00 in Dorpat (D220)
In Swedish (texts can be in Swedish or English) 
Invited speaker/reviewer Inga Wernersson, professor at the Department of Social and Behavioural Studies, University West. Please register, Nov 4 the latest. 

Nov 20, 10:00-15:00 in Dorpat (D220)
In English (talk and text)
Invited speaker/reviewer Max Petzold, professor at the Institute of Medicine and director of SND, University of Gothenburg. Please register, Nov 11 the latest. 

Register here!

The other workshops can you find here: November 13
Please, contact Ulrika Hjelm for any questions.
Best wishes, Ulrika & Peter