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Welcome to a book release for Additive manufacturing of high-performance metallic materials!

The editors Robert Pederson, Joel Andersson and Shrikant Joshi as well as the library invite you all to celebrate a new contribution within the field of additive manufacturing. We'll get a presentation of interesting features in the book by the authors, concerning materials such as Ni-based alloys and Titanium alloys when used in powder bed fusion (PBF) and directed energy deposition (DED).

Something to drink and snacks to eat will be served! One precious copy of the book will be the prize in a lottery among the attendees!

Welcome all!


About the editors/authors:

Professor Robert Pederson is professor in Engineering Materials and head of Division of Subtractive and Additive Manufacturing at University West.

Professor Joel Andersson is a Professor in Materials Science and Head of Division of Welding Technology at University West.

Professor Shrikant Joshi has been at University West since Aug 2015, after long stints as a scientist in premier R&D institutions in India following his PhD at University of Idaho, USA in 1989.