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Complete academic environment Work Integrated Learning, WIL invites you to a seminarie with Jan Gustavsson Nyckel, Anna-Lena Eklund, Anette Johnsson  the title is "Clinical learning in times of crises: How the Covid-19 pandemic has affected registered nursing students’ clinical learning"

Clinical placement during a pandemic can be considered a critical environment. This study aimed to describe how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected registered nursing students’ clinical learning. The study had a qualitative, descriptive approach. Data were generated using 12 semi-structured interviews with final-year students from October 2020-January 2021, which were analysed by thematic analysis.

The Covid-19 pandemic can be seen as a critical environment that creates learning with unintentional and unwanted consequences. The analysis revealed that the Covid-19 pandemic affected registered nursing students in both adaptive and developmental learning as they had to take personal responsibility for their work, reflection and learning. In the chaotic situation, students and supervisors became like newcomers in their work and struggled to go with the flow with responsibility for their own learning. The students’ learning extended to tasks outside the course syllabus. They acquired extensive knowledge about working during a pandemic, including basic hygiene routines and working at a safe distance. The students developed new knowledge due to the increased demand for flexibility and creativity. They had more contact with relatives and patients and developed an ethical approach related to the pandemic.

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