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Åsa Roxberg

Åsa Roxberg

Professor, senior H510


Anställd på Avdelningen för omvårdnad - avancerad nivå. Forskar inom vård och hälsovetenskap.

Research interest

I hold a RN, RNT, Mc, PhD in Caring Science and completed several doctoral and postdoctoral courses in Caring Science, the philosophy of phenomenology and hermeneutics and ethics. I am well aquinted with qualitative research methodology but have also been involved in quantitative research.

Since the completion of my thesis my research has focused on the meaning of suffering and the relief of suffering in different contexts, e.g. during and in the aftermath of a natural disaster. I was the leader for this project, "In the midst of the unthinkable" which study the phenomenon from different perspectives, as well as leading the newly (2017) established network, "Space and Place for health", focusing for example on residential architecture, public health, intensive care room and ontological aspects of health related to space and place. Through the research is the question of health as lived experience elaborated. 

At present the scientific portfolio includes the thesis, "caring and non-caring consolation" and a number of peer-reviewed manuscripts published in range of International Journals, for example Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, Journal of Quialitative Studies on Health and Well-being, Journal of Religion and Health, Medicine Healthcare and Philosophy etc. It also includes book chapters wich are based on research and published by international and national publishers. 


External Assignments

I have also been engaged in the so called SAMMI project, concerning patients with CHD and their existing social network and need for social support, with a focus on marital and sexual life. Further, I am engaged in a "Dignity group", a network collaberation which represents Norway (base), England and Sweden as well as a Norwegian network, "Omsorgens grunnlag fenomen och villkor". I am also part of a research group which focus on existential issuses, so called "eksistensforskargruppe" at VID University, Bergen (and Oslo). I am also a member of the EPICC European network focusing on spiritual care.
Further, I have been the editor of the licentiate and other scientific publications at Linnaeus University, the Department of Health and Caring Sciences. I was also the selected guest editor 2019 for the International Journal of Qualitative Health and Wellbeing as well as being the first opponent on the public defence of a doctoral thesis, Stavanger University, Norway. 



My portfolio includes supervision for master´s degree as well as being examinator for three international master thesis. In 2013 (September-October) and 2015 (October) I was teaching at Rangsit University Bangkok, as part of the Linneus Palme Project, as well as supervising my former doctoral student in Udani Thani province (2013) and Chang mai province (2015) inte the northern part of Thailand where I also presented a paper at an international conference. 
The most recent oral presentations were in Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland 20-21 of June - 2018 at the 4th International conference of Spirituality in Healthcare and Existential health and at a conference in Bergen 15-16 of May 2019. The conference was arranged by the network "Omsorgens grunnlag, Fenomener og villkår" and the theme was "Critical Perspectives on Person, Care and Aging".
I have been principal supervisor for two completed doctoral thesis, Linneus University and Halmstad University and second supervisor for three completed thesis at Linneus University, Mälardalen University and Bergen University, Norway. 
I have been a member of the internal reviewer group for doctoral thesis manuscripts on four occasions for licentiate degree manuscripts, all at School of Health and Caring Sciences, Linneus University. 
I were a member ot the internal reviewer group for doctoral thesis manuscripts on four occasions as well as on four occasions for licentiate degree manuscripts, all at School of Health and Care Sciences, Linnaeus University.
I was elected member of examining commitee at public defense of two PhD dissertion and the examiner of two thesis at Linnaeus University. I was also deputy member of the examining commitee at public defense of PhD dissertation, 2019, at University West and elected member of examining commitee at public defense (January and April 2012) and chairman of the commiteé for PhD defense, 2012, as well as the examiner of two thesis at Linnaeus University.



Consolation/comfort, Suffering, Hermeneutic phenomenology, Phenomenology, Health