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Shrikant Joshi

Shrikant Joshi


Doctor of Philosophy, Chemical Engineering

Additive Manufacturing, Surface Engineering O3-201


Anställd på Avdelningen för Maskinteknik.


Forskar inom teknik, kemiteknik, produktionsteknik.

Research area/research interest

My current research interests span the areas of Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Surface Engineering. My AM-related research presently focuses on Ni-based superalloys and I am specifically interested in exploring the influence of post-treatment on build properties. Apart from the considerable existing strengths in various allied areas of AM here at University West, a strong network of industrial partners like GKN, Siemens, Sandvik, Arcam, Qunitus and Exova with complementary strengths makes this activity particularly interesting. Presently, funding from KK.Stiftelsen and Vinnova fuels this part of my research. Complementing my previous research in Surface Engineering that has included studies involving varied coating technologies, namely conventional atmospheric & solution precursor plasma spraying, detonation spraying, cold gas dynamic spraying, electron beam physical vapour deposition and cathodic arc PVD, my specific research focus for the past two years has been on solution-based plasma spraying, investigation of hybrid coatings involving use of solution and powder feedstock as well as on high velocity air-fuel (HVAF) coatings. The objective is to enhance the functional properties of the coatings (thermal barrier, wear, corrosion etc.) beyond those achievable by conventional powder-based thermal spray routes. One of the projects funded by KK.Stiftelsen deals with assessment of different coating chemistries, with distinct scale-forming abilities, under various simulated and actual boiler environments. Another exciting activity that I spearhead deals with development of luminescent coatings in collaboration of ESS, University of Oslo and Stony Brook University.   


I have developed a course on Surface Engineering which was offered during Autumn 2016 under the Produktion 2030


Additive manufacturing, EBM, post-treatment, HIP, Solution precursor plasma spraying (SPPS), Suspension plasma spraying (SPS), hybrid, thermal barrier, TBC, coatings, wear, corrosion, luminescent.