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Vivek Patel

Vivek Patel


Associate Professor, Docent J3-201-2


Anställd på Avdelningen för Maskinteknik. Forskar inom teknik, produktionsteknik, svetsteknik.

Vivek Patel is working as an Assistant Professor in the division of welding technology. His key research area is Friction Stir Welding and Processing (FSW/P) of high-strength aluminium and magnesium alloys. He is also associated with high-end characterizations and testing such as EBSD, TEM, high-temperature deformation, and wear. He has a proven track record of his research credential by publishing a significant amount of journal papers as well as book chapters, including two Critical Reviews on friction stir welding and processing. Additionally, he is serving as a reviewer in more than 30 Journals. He received the award of “Top Global Reviewer” in Materials Science by Web of Science. At present, he is working on the “Lightweight electric vehicle assembly by friction stir welding” project with industry partners Volvo Cars, TWI, Hydro Extruded Solutions, and ESAB. Additionally, he focuses on strengthening research and teaching activities in welding technology at University West.

Research Area

Friction Stir Welding and Processing; Ultrasonic Welding; Friction Stir Additive Manufacturing; Light metals; Dissimilar Welding; Grain Refinement; Aluminium and Magnesium alloys.

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