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In this course, the focus is on the new opportunities created as industry is further digitalized. With each new disrupted technology, one needs to understand how the techniques work in order to make the best use of it. Digitalization will affect different industries in different ways and at different rates depending on which new technologies are applicable in the production environment and depending on how the companies value chain is designed.

This course begins with an overview of industry 4.0 and the basics of digitalization. After that, we go through a range of techniques, how they work and examples of applications. The intention is that you should create an understanding what can be of interest specifically for your organization. Examples of technologies are digital twin, big data, cyber security, IoT, IIoT, deep learning (AI), etc.

This module will be offered during autumn 2020 as part of the course Machine Learning for Industry 4.0 starting in autumn 2020.


The course is given online, which requires participants to have access to the internet. Supplementary teaching material is distributed via a learning management system where links, web meetings as well as instructions are distributed.


Kristina Eriksson

Kristina Eriksson Universitetslektor Docent / Associate Professor in Production Systems

Sudha Ramasamy

Sudha Ramasamy Universitetslektor
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