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Target group

The target group for the course is senior and medium level management as well as engineering and technical personnel unfamiliar with AI and ML technology.


The course introduces basic skills required to design and build simple machine learning solutions using Python as the programming language and the relevant Python libraries. In particular, the course focuses on both supervised and unsupervised machine learning including such algorithms as Linear Regression, Support Vector Machines, Decision Trees, Ensemble Learning, K-Means, and DBSCAN. During the course, the students will learn to select the right ML algorithm for the task and optimize its parameters in order to achieve desired performance.


Three years of higher education (Bachelor level) in engineering & technology (Bachelor degree corresponding to 180CP). Passed courses of 2,5 HE credits within the field of machine learning and AI. Passed courses of 7,5 HE credits within the field of Python programming. Alternatively relevant professional work experience.

Attach resume if your application is based on work experience. A template (in Swedish) is available at our website

Implementation and pedagogic concept

The course is based on University West’s concept of work integrated learning, which aims at integrating both theory and practice in education. Theoretical lectures are combined with case studies and practical examples.

The course format (campus or distance) can vary. The form is stated when the course being announced. The current courses can be found here.

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Course registration via University West’s website

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