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Student som gör praktik i Paris, står framför Louvren.

One of the many reasons Vanini chose to study this program was because IPPE has one semester where you get the chance to do an internship or study abroad, as long as it’s related to politics or economics. Vanini got to do an internship at an Embassy in Paris, which made her love the field that she is studying even more.

For Vanini, one of the many advantages of IPPE is that it’s an international program where you will meet people from all around the world. 

- I am a very sociable person, and I like having international contacts. In this program, you will meet people from all around the world. Once you start socializing, you will get to know more about cultures, mentalities, living conditions, and education levels in other countries, she says. 

Vanini also finds learning from other students' experiences very helpful. In some of the courses, where they have seminars or group work, the students share their own experiences and stories from their hometowns. By doing so, the students expand their understanding of the way countries deal with political and economic issues.

She also says that the program is based on “Work Integrated Learning,” allowing students to learn and absorb knowledge more practically. The professors give examples of world problems, economic issues and make the students think “outside the box.” The students also get to look at many perspectives and listen to and learn about other peoples’ opinions.

- Basically, this program prepares you for your future career, it provides you with everything necessary that you will be facing in the future, Vanini says.  

Vanini explains that this program has changed her as a person in how she sees things and how she speaks, thinks, acts, and listens. Most importantly, she believes it has taught her how to integrate with people of all ages, with different ethnicities and mindsets. 

When she is asked what she will be doing in five years from now, Vanini says that she will either be working in foreign affairs or the United Nations.

- The program has given me the confidence I need to fearlessly continue my journey and work in organizations that I have always dreamed of, she concludes. 

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