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Expertise in sustainable development

One of University West's primary long-term goals is to support sustainable development in all activities and education. The School of Business, Economics and IT, which delivers your programme, has many years of expertise in a number of areas that are closely related to sustainable development, including:
  • Sustainable community building
  • Citizenship and democracy studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Macroeconomics and microeconomics
  • IT and digitalisation
  • Societal development
  • Leadership studies
  • Pedagogy
As a student in this programme, you’ll join a thriving community of professors, researchers and doctoral candidates. Your courses and instructors are based in the active research at University West, which is internationally recognised for work in WIL.

International focus

Choose an internship or study abroad in the third semester of your programme. Students from around the globe come together in your programme to create a unique and international environment. The programme is fully taught in English, and you will collaborate with students from Sweden as well as international students. Many of your instructors also have international experience in both research and education. This will enhance your cultural experience and English-language proficiency.

Work Integrated Learning

Work integrated learning runs through the entire programme. You will simultaneously study and engage in activities (such as data collection, optional internship, etc.) while facing so-called "wicked problems": complex problems that require more than one theoretical perspective to solve. Reflection and collaborative learning with a constant interplay between theoretical models/perspectives and practical applications structure your course. The programme is multidisciplinary and includes study in organisational development, sustainability, political science, law, environmental philosophy and more. Work-integrated learning forms the foundation of your studies, with special focus on sustainable development.
The programme prepares you to:
  • Reflect on how knowledge is created, learned and translated into practical action within and between activities, society and the state
  • Understand sustainable development, the common global goals and their complexity
  • Evaluate these goals and their relevance to specific situations
  • Map out how these goals can be achieved organisationally through cooperation within and between organisations or groups
You will learn:
  • To develop fact-based and critical perspectives of sustainable development
  • To discuss normative and moral values around sustainability
  • How theoretical knowledge is translated into practical results
  • Key ideas around organisational impact, knowledge development and change management
  • Distinctive features of sustainability and sustainability competence
  • Important competencies and strategies leading towards sustainable development
Through systematic reflection on the relationship between facts and norms, practical and theoretical knowledge, you will gain insight into how organisations and groups can take a results-based approach to achieve sustainable development.


As a graduate of this programme, your skills and knowledge will be in high demand from different organisations and in various political contexts. In Sweden, we are known for our innovative and ethical management practices, with many opportunities for creative leaders. Within Trollhättan alone, there are many important industries. It is a hub for transforming industries, such as auto manufacturing and the aerospace industry. Many companies are searching for employees with these new competencies. On graduation, you will be highly competitive for positions within private, public and non-profit sectors or for further PhD studies.

Further education

This programme helps you build a strong foundation in the field and develop the qualifications you need to pursue your PhD in the broader fields of WIL and sustainable development. After graduation, you will be eligible to continue studying as a PhD student at University West or other universities in Sweden and abroad.



Avancerad nivå


Kandidatexamen om 180 hp eller motsvarande. Engelska 6 eller motsvarande.






HÖST 2024

HÖST 2024




15 april 2024




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