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The programme offers a unique opportunity to understand the continuously changing meaning of childhood and youth and the different conditions that shape, restrict and promote the experiences of young people around the world. The aim of the programme is to provide the theoretical, methodological and practical tools to participate in, develop, promote, and improve activities and interventions aimed at children and youth.
Child and Youth Studies is multidisciplinary, combining knowledge from various disciplines such as sociology, social work, psychology and education, among others. That means that knowledge about children and youth from different perspectives and professions are integrated in order to deepen and broaden our understanding. You’ll study the learning, development and conditions of children and young people in different settings, such as school, family and local communities, and in different cultural and national contexts.
You’ll also learn about issues such as globalisation, migration and social media and how they expand children’s social worlds.


The programme has an international focus, both in terms of content and the people you’ll meet. Throughout your studies you’ll cover perspectives and research on the living conditions of children and youth in different parts of the world. Additionally, you’ll study together and exchange experiences with students from different countries in an international online study environment. In this fully English-taught programme, you’ll also learn from academically qualified lecturers and researchers from different parts of the world. As a result, you’ll enhance your multicultural experiences and competencies far beyond textbook knowledge, also improving your English language proficiency. You’ll also have the option to study one semester at another university to further develop international competencies and experiences in working with children and youth around the world.


University West is Sweden’s leading university when it comes to Work Integrated Learning (WIL). The university was tasked with the development of WIL by the Swedish government 15+ years ago and continues to lead the field today. Theoretical and practical skills are integrated into discussions and assignments throughout your programme. Many academic staff have expert experience from professional life, as do many of your peers, making it possible to apply and discuss theoretical frameworks in connection to real-life situations. Assignments involving visits and cooperation with companies, organisations, communities and other groups are part of a number of courses, and you can choose to write your final degree thesis in connection to your own or another workplace.


Delivered entirely online, all classes are recorded, so you can view them when it suits you. As the programme runs part-time (50%), you can combine it with working life or with other studies. Course plans and timelines for assignments and exams are provided at the start of each course to simplify your planning. Through the digital learning platform, you can share and upload files as well as access information, course materials and discussion forums. Exams are either written or in the form of online meetings, often with the possibility to choose the time that suits you among time slots during the day of examination. Please notice you do not have to be/live in Sweden to attend this programme.


Please notice that University West also offers a four-year Master in Child and Youth Studies. The two-year programme consists of the first two years of the four-year programme.


After completing this programme, you will have increased professional competence to work strategically in different organisations and activities with a focus on issues relating to children and young people. While not a vocational programme, on graduation you’ll be prepared to enter or build on professional careers in the fields of education, social work and health, among others. Today, most of the professional work involving children and youth takes place in multi-professional teams or projects, and many alumni work for example as project leaders, experts and members of such teams.


The Master in Child and Youth Studies qualifies you for PhD studies in child and youth studies, or related areas. Further studies can be conducted in Sweden or internationally.



Avancerad nivå


Lärarexamen om minst 180 hp eller sjuksköterskeexamen om minst 180 hp, eller filosofie kandidatexamen om minst 180 hp inom socialt arbete och socialpedagogik, psykologi, pedagogik, sociologi, kulturvetenskap och folkhälsovetenskap eller motsvarande samt engelska B, Engelska 6 eller motsvarande.






Filosofie magisterexamen med huvudområdet barn- och ungdomsvetenskap