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Multidisciplinary approach

Manufacturing is undergoing a shift from isolated optimised cells in factories to fully integrated systems. Traditional mechanical engineering programmes no longer prepare engineers to meet the needs of industry. Factories of the future require mechanical engineers with multidisciplinary backgrounds. In this programme, you will build knowledge in areas such as manufacturing processes, materials science, robotics and automation, electric vehicles and supply chain management.

International industry placement and study abroad

You will have the option to spend 1-2 semesters of your third year abroad in Europe, Asia or South America jointly with a corporate and university partner. The programme also offers opportunities for international exposure in the form of study abroad for semester exchange and summer schools at one of our partner universities. You will complete your industrial placement while continuing to build your theoretical knowledge at a partner university. You will then complete your bachelor’s thesis in collaboration with your choice of the following:
  • Your original international industrial placement company
  • Another location within the same company (multinational, such as Volvo, with branches in China, India, Europe, etc.)
  • A second international company
  • An international academic partner
  • University West’s PTW
You may also choose to stay in Sweden for your industrial placement. In Sweden, you’ll have the choice between working with a Swedish company or within the University West’s PTW.

Work Integrated Learning

University West is Sweden’s leading university when it comes to work-integrated learning (WIL). The university was tasked with the development of WIL by the Swedish government 15+ years ago and continues to lead the field today. WIL offers you a focus on problem-based learning for industry, with real projects from our research groups and partner companies.
  • Courses developed in partnership with industry: Your training is influenced by the real-world needs of our partner companies. Upon graduation, you will be qualified as a highly skilled and in-demand mechanical engineer.
  • Learn from company experts: Throughout your studies, you will have opportunities to engage with and learn from company experts through guest lectures, on-site study visits and collaborative experiments.
  • Industrial placement course: Earn credit while working for an international company over 1-2 semesters during your third year. You will spend 50% of your time working in a company in Europe, Asia or South America and 50% studying at a partner university in the same country.
  • International thesis work: You can also opt to complete your final thesis within your industrial placement.

Access to experts and advanced laboratories

Your instructors are based in the active research of Production Technology West (PTW). This research group is internationally recognized for work in production processes in the manufacturing industry. These experts will use an applied approach related to production engineering in your courses. As an International Mechanical Engineering student, you will have access to our Production Technology Centre (PTC) through your courses, projects and thesis work. PTC is home to PTW and one of the largest and most updated manufacturing laboratories in Sweden.

International Environment

Students from around the globe come together in your programme to create a unique and international environment. The programme is fully taught in English, and you will study together with students from Sweden as well as countries in Asia, Europe and South America. Most of your instructors have international experience in both research and education. This will enhance your cultural experience and English-language proficiency. This is complimentary to the option to spend time in an industry placement abroad at one (or more) of our partner companies and universities during your third year.


Factory systems are currently in transition from isolated optimized cells, where employees perform repetitive tasks, to fully integrated systems. This means companies are in need of engineers who understand the whole supply chain. Your programme prepares you for the current and future needs of industry, where engineers with multidisciplinary backgrounds are required. Companies are also looking for engineers with international interpersonal skills to improve effectiveness in global operations – an additional component of this programme. On graduation, you will be highly competitive for positions within the private sector or further advanced studies. This degree qualifies you to hold positions such as:
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Materials engineer
  • Metallurgical engineer
  • Production engineer
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • CAD technician
  • Additive manufacturing engineer
  • Welding engineer
  • Supply chain manager
  • Robotics and automation engineer
  • Automotive engineer
You’ll be highly sought after by multinational corporations worldwide. In Sweden, a shortage of 30,000 engineers is predicted through 2030. There is low competition for jobs in mechanical engineering in Sweden because of the quickly expanding job market, where there is constant development in industry.

Further education

This programme helps you build a strong foundation in the field of mechanical engineering. Develop the qualifications you need to pursue your master’s and PhD in a related field in production technology such as materials and additive manufacturing or digital supply chain management. After graduation, you will be eligible to continue studying as a student at University West or other universities in Sweden and abroad. University West offers the following related advanced degrees:
Master in Manufacturing Engineering
Master in Robotics and Automation
Master in AI and Automation
Master in Cybersecurity (1 year)
Master in Electric Vehicle Engineering (1 year)
Master in Robotics and Automation (1 year)
Master in Manufacturing Engineering (1 year)





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Du behöver också: Fysik 2, Kemi 1 och Matematik 3c eller Matematik D.






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