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About the programme

Globalisation increasingly challenges our traditional understanding of political and economic decision-making and practices. The International Programme in Politics and Economics (IPPE) at University West is an open, creative, interdisciplinary thinking space exploring the intersections between politics and economics in multiple issue areas and various sites across different world regions. IPPE is primarily concerned to link academic enquiry with policy and other work-integrated learning practices. The programme’s vision is provoked by “real world” situations and a wish to produce knowledge that contributes to a better understanding of global challenges. IPPE is intellectually pluralist and is not a ‘project’ with a single line of aims, questions, theories and methods, but more a conversation and cross-fertilisation among diverse approaches. This three-year multidisciplinary bachelor’s programme taught entirely in English is the only one of its kind in Sweden. Gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills for positions in public administration, non-profits, and private corporations. Studying this international programme also gives you opportunities to work and further your studies inside or outside Sweden.

International focus

IPPE is the only international multidisciplinary programme in Sweden that offers a bachelor’s degree in politics and economics taught entirely in English. Students and staff come from across the globe, which gives your programme a truly international, multicultural study environment and a vibrant, stimulating student life.
IPPE cooperates with universities in Europe, Africa, the USA, Australia, and Asia. We also have special bilateral agreements with the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa, and San José State University in California, USA, for staff and student exchanges. Students can study or hold an internship abroad, in Europe or any other continent, or stay in Sweden – it is your choice. The latter prepares students for professional work across national and cultural borders to develop, implement, and lead political and economic-oriented projects.

Work-Integrated Learning

As an IPPE student, you will gain experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Your programme gives you easy access to academic faculty and encourages your growth academically, professionally, socially, emotionally, and ethically. In addition to providing relevant knowledge and skills, IPPE prepares you to support cultural diversity and consider issues of gender, equality, and sustainability in the work you do. The focus on WIL (Work Integrated Learning) allows you to put your knowledge and skills into practice within “real-world” contexts, including projects and the possibility to do an internship.


Graduates from IPPE are attractive to employers in international organisations, government, businesses, and non-profits. This degree also opens doors to further studies and research both in Sweden and abroad. IPPE alumni have made careers as academic researchers, executives, project leaders, administrators and analysts in municipalities, regional authorities, state organisations, NGO’s and international organisations, as well as banks and private companies.

Further Education

With the IPPE Bachelor’s Degree, you can apply for further studies at the postgraduate level within political science or related fields in Sweden or internationally. University West also offers a natural continuation of your postgraduate studies in the form of a two-year international Master’s Programme in Work Integrated Political Studies (WIPS). The programme is a joint venture with the University of the Western Cape in South Africa, given entirely in English. WIPS focuses on applied political-economic studies conducted in close collaboration with civil society. Upon completing the WIPS Master’s Programme, you are qualified to apply for PhD studies within Work Integrated Learning at University West.





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Du behöver också: Engelska 6, Matematik 2a eller Matematik 2b eller Matematik 2c och Samhällskunskap 1b eller Samhällskunskap 1a1 + 1a2.






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HÖST 2024




15 april 2024




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