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About The Programme

IT and Management is a stimulating and future-focused one-year master’s programme. Fully taught in English, it’s designed for students with a background in social and/or computer sciences who are keenly interested in analysing, developing, implementing and evaluating ICT interventions for organisations. We’ve developed your programme in close cooperation with local industries and municipalities, focusing on current IT issues that concern your potential employers. After two foundational courses, you’ll choose one of the following specialisations:
1-Advanced Software Development– Full Stack Developer Acquire specialised knowledge on all levels of software development, such as servers and hosting environments, relational and non-relational databases, using external APIs, user experience, etc.
2-Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) – Immersive Computing Learn tools and practices for creating virtual environments and immersive applications, while also gaining knowledge of relevant design principles and application domains.
3-IT Strategy and Architecture – IT Management Dive deeply into the process required for digitisation and digital transformation of a company or organisation, gaining an understanding of the tools and insights needed to assist them in their transition to a digital world. Your programme integrates work practice with research and theory in informatics. In this way, you will develop both in-depth subject knowledge and crucial work experience in your chosen specialisation, delving into cutting edge research in your field. Your studies culminate in a thesis degree project where you will test your new competencies with a real project or problem. After graduation, you’ll be prepared for jobs in many different types of IT environments, both national and international – or you can choose to go on and pursue doctoral studies.

Work Intergrated Learning

University West is Sweden’s leading university when it comes to Work Integrated Learning (WIL). The university was tasked with the development of WIL by the Swedish government 15+ years ago and continues to lead the field today. In this programme, you’ll earn an academic degree while also gaining practical work experience. Real-world projects at local companies and organisations will be an important part of your studies.
The majority of your courses combine academic theory and work practice in some way. For example, ideally, you’ll finish your chosen specialisation course and your master’s thesis project by completing real projects in cooperation with local industry partners. Students assume responsibility in working with programme staff to help secure these collaborations.

International experience

Fully taught in English, this programme allows you to study with both Swedish and international students in a modern, multicultural environment. You’ll be taught by eminent academic scholars from Sweden, the United States and Syria. In addition to your advanced education in IT, this programme prepares you for a challenging and stimulating career in an increasingly globalised world.


After completing the programme, you’ll be qualified for an international career in one of a variety of different fields, such as virtual and augmented media, advanced software development and IT-architecture. Through the various forms of Work Integrated Learning built into your programme, you will have the opportunity to gain contacts and experiences in your field, making you highly employable.

Further Education

The Master in IT and Management qualifies you to apply for further studies at the postgraduate or PhD level within the subject of informatics or related fields.



Avancerad nivå


Kandidatexamen i informatik eller motsvarande. Engelska 6 eller motsvarande.






HÖST 2024

HÖST 2024




15 april 2024




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