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We live in the era of robots

There is an ongoing digitalisation of societies all around the world, and this has brought about the explosive growth in the use of robots and automation solutions, a development that implicates not only industry but entire cultures. What we are witnessing is the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). We not only have smart robots, but units with sensors and inbuilt systems that are connected to networks (Internet of Things, IoT), making up the foundation for smart factories. Advanced simulation models (digital twins) and artificial intelligence (AI) are going to be commonplace in industries.
The courses that make up the programme offer you in-depth knowledge of smart factories and prepare you well for contributing to their development. You learn design and programming of robots and automation systems in virtual reality (VR) as well as augmented reality (AR). The entire programme has been created through collaboration between the industry and researchers at University West.


The programme is offered as two different qualifications as well as in two different teaching models.
- 60 HE Master in Robotics and Automation (1 year) offers in-depth knowledge of automation, robotics, digitalisation, and virtual environments with the aim of preparing you for a career as an automation specialist in the industry.
- 120 HE Master in Robotics and Automation (2 years) offers in-depth knowledge of automation, robotics, digitalisation, and virtual environments, as well as a higher degree of independence in problem-solving and innovative thinking, with the aim of preparing you for a career in research and development in the industry or academy.

Future careers

Upon completing this programme, you will be very much sought after on the job market. Your future profession will allow you to work with programming, simulation, and deployment of industrial robot and automation systems or as project manager for design and development of new automation solutions.
Many of the international students who graduate from our programme apply for jobs in Sweden and stay on to work here.

Production Technology Centre (PTC)

Some modules of the programme take place at the Production Technology Centre (PTC). The PTC is a part of University West and is located at the Innovatum center in Trollhättan. Here you will find a lab that meets the highest international standards as well as and University West´s research area Production Technology West (PTW). At PTW we conduct research in flexible industrial automation in conjunction with industry. There are many companies linked to our research environment and research takes place in close cooperation with industry. As a student, you will have the opportunity not only to be part of cutting-edge research, you will also come into contact with future employers.

Work-Integrated Learning - WIL

We are Sweden’s leading university when it comes to WIL (work-integrated learning). At University West, you can work toward an academic degree and get work experience at the same time. You will attend lectures, carry out practical tasks, do lab work and projects. The coursework is mostly in the form of problem-based learning, often in conjunction with industry or case studies from industry.

International admissions

The programme has international admissions, which means that students from all over the world can apply. All instruction is in English and you study together with both Swedish and foreign students. This gives you both linguistic and cultural experience.

Further Education

After graduating from one of these master’s programmes you will be eligible to continue studying as a PhD student. University West offers a doctoral degree programme within the field of Production Technology.



Avancerad nivå


Kandidatexamen med något av huvudområdena datateknik, elektroteknik, maskinteknik, industriell ekonomi eller motsvarande, alternativt en till omfattningen motsvarande högskoleingenjörsexamen. I utbildningen på grundnivå skall minst 5 hp programmering samt 15 hp matematik ingå. Engelska 6 eller motsvarande.






Teknologie magisterexamen med inriktning mot robotik och automation


HÖST 2024

HÖST 2024




15 april 2024




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