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We can now confirm possibilities of publication in a special issue of Studies in Continuing Education,

After the conference we will arrange for the special issue and the process for that will be announced during the conference. Note that the consideration of a paper for the special issue is separate from acceptance of a paper for the conference itself, that a special process and date will be set for the submission of papers to the special issue, and that papers will be considered through the normal journal reviewing process. 

Studies in Continuing Education: 
Proposal for special issue on ”Learning in and for a changing worklife” 

The conditions for learning and competence development in most professional fields and sectors of work life are rapidly changing due to factors such as digitalization, globalization, and robotization. Similar challenges are raised by the global need for a transition towards sustainable work practices. For institutions of higher education this calls for development and innovation of pedagogical methods that are adapted and aligned with the conditions for the contemporary professional workplace. 

In this special issue we aim at illuminating tensions and relations between the conditions for learning in work (lifelong learning) and the pedagogical models aiming at learning for work (work-integrated learning). Hence, we welcome contributions dealing with models for lifelong learning and curriculum development in work-integrated learning as well as empirical and theoretical work highlighting the nature of a changing work life. 

Guest editor in chief  
Prof. Ulrika Lundh Snis University West 

Guest Co-editors 
Prof. Lars Svensson, University West 
Prof. Roger Säljö, Gothenburg University 
Associate professor Karin Högberg, University West