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Bild ovan över en av högskolans entrédörrar. Studenter vid sittplatser. Foto. Bild ovan över en av högskolans entrédörrar. Studenter vid sittplatser. Foto.

Quick facts about University West

  • 25 undergraduate programs
  • 20 programs at advanced level
  • 14 000 students
  • 750 employees
  • 4 institutions
  • Several research environments
  • Unique postgraduate education in work-integrated learning, WIL
  • 86% of the students have a job 1 - 1,5 year after graduation

Attractive and modern study environment

Our campus is centrally located in Trollhättan and is built with the students' needs in focus. The open surfaces make it simple for students, teachers and work-life to coexist.

Education collaborating with work-life

The university offers study programmes, second cycle programmes and a variety of courses in computing and IT, economy and leadership, health and care, teaching and languages, media, the individual and society as well as technology.

We have programmes in which we collaborate and cooperate closely with work-life, businesses and society. Through our profile - work integrated learning, WIL - students at the university gain work experience already while studying. University West has been commissioned by the government to develop pedagogics connected to WIL. One example of WIL is the so called Co-op in which studies are sandwiched with periods of paid work.

Applied research

Research is conducted within the areas of technology, social science, health and caring sciences and the humanities. Work integrated learning constitutes an important, interdisciplinary, field of research. There is a strong connection between the research conducted at University West and the undergraduate education.

The research concerning production processes in manufacturing industry is of special importance. This research is conducted in close collaboration with a variety of businesses. University West is authorized to award degrees at the doctoral level in the field of Production Technology and Work Integrated Learning.

Meet Paria Karimi Neghlani, working with additive manufacturing