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Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is our main profile and has been part of University West since we were founded in 1990. WIL is an integral part of our education, research and collaboration and defines everything that we do.

WIL is about learning through a lively exchange of ideas, reflection and active participation. It is the basic principle that we apply to learning, the exchange of ideas, and educational development.

Basic principles

We believe that advanced knowledge is created in many parts of society, and not only within academia. We also believe that theoretical and practical knowledge are equally important. It is in the meeting between academia, working life and the surrounding society that insights, solutions and mutual development are best created that can meet the challenges society faces.

WIL has developed from initially focusing on pedagogical development linked to our education, to now also being an important research field as well as its own third-cycle programme.

Three dimensions of WIL

At University West, we define WIL according to three dimensions: as a philosophy, as a pedagogical method and a research topic. Read more here >

Government mandate

In 2002 University West was commissioned by the Swedish government to develop forms for work-integrated learning as part of the work with pedagogical renewal of higher education.