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Period for submitting Arrival Form
From 20th of May to 1st of August for autumn semester
From 5th of November to 10th of December for spring semester

Upcoming Arrival Days

  • Spring semester 2020 Friday 17th January
  • Autumn semester 2020 Tuesday 25th of August

Upcoming Introduction Days (attendance mandatory)

  • Spring semester 2020 Monday 20th January
  • Autumn semester 2020 Wednesday 26th of August - Thursday 27st of August


The academic year is divided into two twenty-week long semesters.

The present academic year

Autumn semester
: 2nd of September 2019 to 19th of January 2020
Spring semester: 20th of January 2020 to 7th of June 2020

The next academic year

Autumn semester: 31st of August 2020 to 17th of January 2021
Spring semester: 18th of January 2021 to 6th of June 2021

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