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What is a service window?

A service window is a specified time to perform maintenance on the servers, network and desktop computers. It can for instance be to install the latest updates.

A planned service window always occurs at the same time. Service windows makes the planning of maintenance work easier while giving users the ability to plan their work before a shutdown and thus reduce the influence of the interruption.
It is common to schedule the service window outside normal working hours to cause as little disruption as possible to the business. If users are affected this will be announced under Messages on the web.

The service & IT department's service windows

To provide an IT infrastructure with high availability, security and stability, an on-going system management and maintenance work is required.

So-called service windows are an important part of this support and maintenance work.

We have service windows every Wednesday at 4:30 pm until 11 pm.

During the service windows may this occur:

  • Updates and upgrades of servers and systems, new releases and technical support, etc. System managers should check functionality on Thursday mornings. This means that there may be interruptions in our delivered services such as, for example, home directory, wireless networks and Canvas.
  • Updates of the client computers (in other words student and staff computers). Restarting the computer may occur.

We also have a smaller service window every Wednesday morning before 8:00 am. This should not cause any interference.

Any further information on the service windows and other planned interruptions will be announced on the Student web pages.

In case of unplanned interruptions, information is provided by the Servicecenter and the student web pages, provided that this is possible. Information can also be given via Facebook and Twitter. 



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