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Follow the instructions in the e-mail "Information from University West" to create your account.

When you create your account, you choose a password for your UW-account. You also choose a personal code for your West Card which you need for access to the university buildings, library loans, computer print outs and photocopying etc. Your user-id and password also enables you to gain access to the university's wireless network. You should read the User Agreement very carefully.

You can later go into "My Account" and change your password and change several other details.

Open an existing account

If you have an account already, you should continue to use that account. If it is closed you can use a self service to open it. Open an existing account in the system "My Account".

For how long will your account be open?

One year after your latest registration on a course with us, your account will be closed. This means that you can no longer access your files, email, OneDrive or Office applications if you have installed Office 365 ProPlus with your University West license. Remember to copy the material (files, emails and attachments) that you want to save before your account is closed.

If you have made a study break or need more time for any other reason you can extend the account opening time for another year. You can open and extend the account by yourself through the system, My Account, click "Unable to log in".


Your user-id and password are valuable and you should make sure to handle them carefully. If you suspect that your password might have fallen into the wrong hands you should change it immediately. Avoid using your university password for other purposes. Go to My Account and change your password.

Remember that you are personally responsible for what happens when the university's systems are used via access from your user-id and password.

Did you forget your password?

If you have forgotten your password you can simply go to My Account and send yourself a password reset link to  the cell phone number or the private email adress that you entered when you activated you account. 

E-mail address

When you get your user-id and password you will also automatically get an e-mail address that you should use during your period of study at University West. Your e-mail address is created in accordance with the following format: In order to access your e-mail go to Office 365. More about e-mail.