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SI PASS sessions is a voluntary supplement to the teaching where organized study opportunities are scheduled 1-2 times a week in traditionally demanding courses.

During a session, you gather in smaller study groups led by an experienced student (SI leader) who has previously attended the course and has been trained for the assignment.

At University West, we offer SI PASS sessions in a number of courses in different subjects in the departments of engineering, healthcare and economics and IT. If there is a session available in your course, it is included in your course schedule.

What does SI PASS session means?

  • Study with other students, discuss lectures and prepare for exams
  • Gain a better understanding of course content

"The SI leader asks the group to come up with suggestions about what they want to talk about during the session and helps to divide into smaller groups according to interest. During the session, the students discuss with each other, but can also receive impulses from the SI leader to structure the theme area and the reasoning. The goal is to be able to break down a larger topic into smaller pieces, so everyone can learn from each other and put the pieces of knowledge together. SI is thus based on the students' own ideas and questions. The students expand their knowledge with the help of each other and with input from the SI leader."

                                                                         Andre Menke, former SI Coordinator



Supplementary Instructor

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