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What is SI?

Supplemental instruction is a method based on independent and collaborative learning. The philosophy of the SI method is that the exchanges of ideas and thoughts will help students to understand the course content on a deeper level.

SI sessions

SI sessions are offered in difficult courses and are facilitated by students called SI leaders  who have previously excelled in the course. SI offers scheduled out-of-class study sessions in smaller groups where students work collaboratively by discussing readings and central terms and theories in the course. The Sl leader guides the student group through the course content and demonstrates effective study strategies. It is a flexible study environment where the students have opportunity to influence the content!

The benefits of SI?

The goal of supplemental instruction is to help students to master course content while developing effective learning, critical thinking and study strategies.

SI courses

Current SI sessions are included in the course schedule.

Become an SI leader

The next application period will be in early spring 2021.

More information about SI leaders.


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