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Your West Card functions:

  • Keycard
  • Copying and printing
  • Library loans
  • Loan / rental of technical equipment

This is how you get your card

You can only get a West Card if you are registered as a student on a course or program at University West and if you have created an account. When you create your account you choose a personal PIN code for your card.

Your card can be obtained from Servicecenter, bring identification. Servicecenter is open from 08:00 until 16:30 (on Fridays until 16.00). When you finish your studies, you return the card.

The first time you use the card

Before you use the card for the first time, you must validate it at one of the validation points. The staff in the main reception, who issue the cards, will give you information about this.

How the card works

Every day when you arrive to campus, you validate the card at one of the validating points. You find one of them opposite Servicecenter and at ten other locations located strategically around the campus.
You place the card in one of the validation points and enter your personal code. By validating your card it is 'activated' for a period of 12 hours, thus permitting access to various parts of the campus via the entrance and internal doors. After 12 hours, you have to do validate the card again to reactivate it for a further twelve hour period.
To enter the university outside opening hours, you sweap it in the magnetic cardreaders placed beside the entrance doors. Then you enter your personal code. Using the card and your code you can access the university buildings between 07.00 and 22.30 all weekdays.

How does the card work?

Your card is personal to you. As a student you have access, for example, to the student computer rooms. Most of the classrooms can however only be accessed once a teacher has opened the door.
You can however gain special permission for access to other locations, for example to one of the classrooms that is regularly used for teaching on your course/program. This special permission can only be obtained once you have gained the necessary authorization from the program/course coordinator.
When a teacher applies for special authorization for you, it will normally take a couple of days before the card will work with the new access. When you validate your card after having gained additional authorization the card will be updated.

Copying and Printing

Read about printing on our printing pages!

Library loans

Once you have got access to your West Card, you can use it for library loans.

Lost cards

If you lose your card you must contact the Servicecenter (phone no 0520 22 30 00) and report it as lost. If you need a replacement card, you will be charged 50 SEK.

Rules for Westcard

It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of the rules that apply to the use of your West Card during the period in which you possess one.

  • The card is a valuable item and has several functions at University West.
  • The card is personal to you and must not be lent to anyone else.
  • The card and the PIN code should not be kept in the same place.
  • Never allow anyone who does not have permission to be on campus by letting them in with your card.
  • If you lose your card you must, as soon as you become aware that it is missing, contact the Reception (tel. no 0520 22 30 00) and report it as lost. If you need a replacement card, a charge of 50 SEK will be made.
  • In cases of repeated misuse, the university can demand the return of your card.
  • Treat your card carefully and make sure that it is not bent or exposed to moisture or extremes of temperature.
  • For library loans and the loan/rental of technical equipment special rules apply. If you use these services you are responsible for acquainting yourself with the particular regulations that apply.
  • On the completion of your studies you must return the card to the Servicecenter.



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