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Take your own food with you?

If you have your own food, there is canteen with microwave ovens and refrigerators in our five studentpentry.

  • Bottenhavet (B0)
  • Halland (H2)
  • Hälsingland (H4)
  • Ishavet (J2)
  • Vita Havet (J4)

The kitchen has a refrigerator and microwave. You also have the opportunity to sit and eat your own food in the restaurang Västan och Centralcaféet.

Silent room - a place of stillness

The room is on the third floor at the far north of the large building (F318) and is unlocked during the day.

The room is for students and employees and is not connected to religious practice other than that which takes place within the visitor. This silent room should be a quiet place to rest, meditate, pray or simply take a break. The university's Andrum must work for people with different backgrounds, genders and beliefs.

No personal items may be left in the room.

For more information about the University church arrangement in the Silent room.

Relaxation rooms

Students have access to the rest room, there is in D308 by an access card from Servicecenter. You get access to the room for 1 hour at a time.


Ventilation is switched off between 16:30-07:00 on weekdays and completely turned off on weekends. Ventilation can be adjusted manually (lasts 2 hours) by pressing the ventilation button on the corridor.


Waste recycling is applied in the university premises.
Fractions of plastic, metal, glass, cans, recycling glass and PET bottles, is located in the kitchen and all public areas.
Batteries and light bulbs you leave the reception.

Read more in sorting wizard or you can also download a sorteringsapp.


In our premises no pets allowed except guide dogs.


Smoking is prohibited on the premises and allowed only eight meters from the entrance doors.



Servicecenter Coordinated service for the entire university. The service center is located on the entrance floor in building G and offers service and support to students, visitors and employees at University West. Main entrance