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Payment system - PayEx

The University's printing and copying system only have cashless payments. Payments are handled through an online solution using PayEx. This means that you must have a personal PayEx account with money for you to be able to print and copy. A PayEx Account Registration is free and all purchases are free of charge for students.

Create PayEx account

Your PayEx account

Printing prices

Black and White
Single sided A4 0,50 SEK
Double sided A4 0,80 SEK
Single sided A3 1,00 SEK
Double sided A3 1,60 SEK

Single sided A4 2,00 SEK
Double sided A4 3,20 SEK
Single sided A3 2,50 SEK
Double sided A3 4,00 SEK

Please Note! You got to have at least 5 SEK on your printing account to be able to print, copy or scan (although scanning is free).

The printers

You can scan, copy and print in colour and black and white on all printers. You will just need to swipe the card completely contactless (RFID) over a reader on the machine in order to get prints or use one of the many features.

  • The printers are preset two-sided A4 and one-sided A3.
  • Copying is preset for single-sided original to two-sided copy.
  • You can scan documents from the machine directly to your email address or home directory that you have at University West.

A feature overview is available at each printer.

To print

For example: Choose to print from Word. If you selected to print to the printer "Multifunction", go to any printer. Swipe your card over the card reader (if the printer is in power save mode, you have to swipe an extra time), press "print". Select the document you want to print, then press the "print" button on the display. You can also delete a job by pressing the Delete key on the selected documents. Your prints are stored in 8 hours after you press "print" on your computer.

Please note! Remember to log out from the printer after you have got your print outs.


The smaller machine has no finisher and can only print in A4. If you have selected stapling or punch in your print, it will be printed anyway. Collect your print or copy at any of the larger machines if you want finishing.

Printing from your own computer

Do you need to print out from your private computer?
Then you can use Open Print. Read more here!