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Printing, copying and scanning 

University West has several multifunction printers that can be used for printing, copying and scanning. The HVPrint printer is installed on all HVcomputers. 

Pick up your printouts by swiping your West Card or log in with your username and password at any printer. Please note that you must register your West Card and choose a pin code on the printer the first time you use the printers. Swipe your card and follow the registration wizard on the printer's screen.

The default printing settings are black/white and duplex. You can choose whether you want your printout or copy to be punched and/or stapled.
Your printout will wait in the queue for 12 hours, after which the printout will be deleted from the queue. 


Students pay for printing and copying with a credit card or Swish. Log in to and select Saldo. 
The minimum amount is 10 SEK. 

If you want to print from your private computer, mobile or tablet, you can go to and choose web printing. Upload your document for printing and pick it up at one of the printers. 


You can scan to your e-mail, home directory or OneDrive.  
The first time you scan to OneDrive, you will receive an email to authorize the system to write the scanned file to your OneDrive.

In scan mode, you’ll find OCR after a few scan selections. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, which means that you can edit the text of what you have scanned. If you don't choose OCR, it will be an image. 

Need help? Via the button you will find, among other things:

  • How to register my Westcard for the printer
  • How to install the printer HVprint on a private computer
  • How to do when my jobs not are being printed

What am I allowed to copy?

Through our copying licence, Bonus Copyright Access, you may to a certain degree, copy from published books, journals, and magazines and distribute the copies to staff members of the university.

The basis is that as a teacher you may copy 15%, but no more than 15 pages of Swedish and international, public works. The copying may be made both hand and digitally.

Pricing list for prints and copies

Applies to printing and copying. Scanning is free. 

Black & White

Simplex A4 0.50 SEK
Duplex A4 0.80 SEK
Simplex A3 1.00 SEK
Duplex A3 1.80 SEK


Single-sided A4 2.00 SEK
Duplex A4 3.80 SEK
Simplex A3 2.50 SEK
Duplex A3 4.80 SEK



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