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Studenter sitter vid gräsmatta

Our main task

The student union’s main task is student influence.
Therefore, the student union appoints student representatives who represent the students in the university’s various councils and committees. The student union also provides a student representative you can contact via

Our areas of work

Student politics

The student union works politically at local, regional, and national levels to improve students’ situation.

The student union pursues issues relating to housing, public transport and study grants, among other things.

Events and fairs

The student union arranges lots of events during the year. Among other things, the student union arranges the Inslussning every year to welcome all new students.

The student union also arranges the labor market days InWest, a fair where you students can come to make contacts with different employers!

Studiesocial events

In addition to the student union engaging in politics, we also arrange large parties, cozy pub nights and student-friendly sessions for all students!

At our student pub DeCore, the staff works completely non-profit, so we can offer prices that suit when you are a student!

Union members always get free admission or a discount at the entrance.