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On MyPage you'll find your personal information. MyPage is a part of Microsoft Office 365. This includes a large number of features such as e-mail, links to systems, collaborative sites for groups, and document management, etc. Go to MyPage!

my account

All students at University West have access to the university's network and services by using their personal University West account. "My Account" is the system where you manage your account and edit your personal information. It's also where you go if you have forgot your password or wish to extend your account. Go to My Account!

Canvas - learning platform

Canvas is University West’s learning platform. Canvas is used as a pedagogical tool to execute courses. In Canvas you will find information about your course. Go to Canvas!

disco - learning platform

DisCo is our old learning platform which will be replaced by Canvas. Go to DisCo!

Office 365 (email)

Office 365 is a web based solution for email, documents and information. It is important that you use your student email because you get a lot of the information from University West to this address. Go to Office 365 (email)!

Ladok – My Studies

Ladok – My Studies is a web service for students at University West. Recommended browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. The service is also adapted for smaller screens such as mobile phones and tablets. Go to Ladok - My Studies!

Schedule - Kronox

KronoX is your web based Schedule! Using the KronoX website you can search for the schedule for those courses that you are studying. Go to Schedule - KronoX!

My files

The files in the home directory at University West can be accessed from any internet connected computer via the system My Files. Go to My Files!

Send files

Sendfiles is a web service that makes it easy for you to send files that are too large to send by mail. In Sendfiles you can send large files of up to 20.0 GB, to people within and outside University West. Go to Sendfiles!

e-meeting service

The E-Meeting tool Zoom is used for network-based meetings, e-seminars, tutoring and group work. Go to the e-meeting service!












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