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Through the guidance meetings you can find out what opportunities that are available for you with foreign qualifications in the Swedish education system.

Book an appointment

For an in-depth more detailed counselling you are welcome to book an appointment. During the appointment, we will together look at what opportunities you have to further studies based on your previous merits, you can ask us study and work related questions. Counselling is offered in Swedish and English. We have a duty of confidentiality in our meetings with you and you will first and foremost meet the study counsellor who specifies on people with foreign merits.

To book an appointment, please contact Servicecenter.

Preparations for an appointment

The study- and career counsellor’s job is to ask questions that leads to reflection and that can help you make decisions. To prepare for an appointment with us, think through what you want to discuss and bring relevant documents, for example documentation about your previous education. It can be programmes and/or courses, from your home country and/or Sweden.

We may handle personal data

When you contact the student- and career counselling, we may require some personal data from you, for example personal ID number, notes or records about what type of support you need, etc. All data that can be linked to your person is handled in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Read more about GDPR and how we handle your personal data at University West or visit the official EU Commision GDPR website.