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A flexible way to study

Do you want to start studying - but not move? Do you want to further your education and at the same time continue to work? Studying remotely can be done in several different ways, but the common denominator is that a large part of the studies take place digitally. With the help of a learning platform, you communicate with the teacher and other students, where there are discussion forums, opportunities for group work, digital meetings and recorded lectures.

A distance education can be entirely at a distance or with a few meetings on site. The advantage is a flexible way of studying, for those who want to have a lot of freedom to decide when and where they want to study. It is important to keep in mind that compulsory elements of your education may be scheduled during the day or evening, even if they take place remotely.

Courses offered at learning centres have compulsory meetings at the place of study. The advantage of studying through learning centres is that you have the opportunity to meet other students in the area and get support from the learning centre's staff.

If you have any questions about our distance education, please contact our Service Center.

Keep in mind

Studying at a distance means that you as a student must take a great deal of responsibility for your studies and that you follow the instructions, rules and deadlines that exist for your particular education.

You must be able to plan to keep the required pace of study with a certain number of study hours per week, be able to coordinate with other fellow students in the various parts of the courses and be able to participate in the set times available for meetings, group meetings and examinations.