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1. Information on parking
For students coming by car

2. Find your way on campus
Maps of campus

3. West Card/Västkortet
In order to access rooms at the university, borrow books from the library, print, copy or borrow technical equipment you will need the West card (Västkortet in Swedish).
The card is linked to your account, so the 4-digit code you select when creating your account applies also to this card. You will receive a form to get the West Card during Introduction Days.
Read more about the West Card

As the university does not accept cash, you will also need to create a personal PayEx-account in order to top-up money on your West Card and pay for your printouts.
Read more about copying/printing and PayEx account

4. Wi-Fi (wireless network)
This is how it works

5. IT-introduction (computers, software, e-mail etc.)

6. Start of the semester
Monday 20 January is start of the semester and many students will start this day with information sessions for their program or course. You can see in the schedule system Kronox what is applicable for you. Representatives from the student union will also be present to show you where to go.

For international students, attending General Introduction Days, are mandatory.
Read more about Introduction Days

ServiceCenter and other support functions will be available to answer questions also. Monday 20 January, ServiceCenter will be open longer - 07:30 - 17:00. Our International Office will be present in ServiceCenter also.
More information and opening hours

7. Examination - how it works
Information and instructions

8. Register on courses
Before start of a new course during your semester, you have to register for each through Ladok-My Studies. Registration opens four weeks prior to course start.
More information on registration

9. Print your student records
For purposes within Sweden, such as the Migration Agency, you can print your own registration certificate (which courses you are/have been registered on) or transcript of records (your results/grades). For purposes outside of Sweden you need a signature and stamp. For this, please visit ServiceCenter and they will issue one for you.
All international exchange students receive their transcript of records at the end of their study period (approximately 3 weeks after the end of the same semester) automatically.
View and print records through Ladok - My studies

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