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Please note! The settings may differ depending on the phone model and version of the operating system.

  1. Select "Settings"> "Accounts & sync"
  2. Press the "Add Account"
  3. Select "Exchange ActiveSync"
  4. Click in the box "Email" and enter your full email address (example
  5. Click in the box "Password" and enter your password.
  6. Click "Next"
  7. Check the box "Server Address" and type:
  8. Click in the box "Username" and enter your login name for Office 365:
    - Student:
    - Staff:
  9. Click "Next"
  10. Select the type of information you want to sync. By default, the synchronization of Email, Contacts and Calendar are turned on. To turn off synchronization for a type of information, check the relevant boxes.
  11. Click "Next".
  12. Enter a "User Name" (optionally).
  13. Click "Finish setup".

If it does not work, try with completing the field "Domain":
- Student:
- Staff: