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Get started with your distance studies

Via Canvas learning platform

Canvas is the university's learning platform and is used as an educational tool for completing courses. In Canvas, as a student, you will always find course information, schedule and literature list. More information about Canvas, log in etc.

Zoom e-meeting service

Zoom is the college's e-meeting tool that is used when you want to meet others sound and picture. You can connect to Zoom with both computer and tablet and mobile phone.
More information about Zoom, how to connect/create meetings etc.

Get access to University West's Computer Classrooms from anywhere

Now some of our Windows computer classrooms are available remotely. This means that all students can log in and use the computers in our different computer classrooms at campus from anywhere and get access to the software you need in your course.
Read more about how to access a computer at campus.

Office 365 if you want to share documents and make surveys etc.

As a student at University West you have access to Office 365. Here you have access to the Office package which you can run directly in the cloud, but it can also be downloaded to your own computer. In the Office package you and your fellow students can, among other things, write simultaneously in a document, even if you are in different places. In Office 365 you can also use Teams to create collaborative areas with chat, storage, etc.

Office 365 has a form tool called Forms where you can create simpler surveys as part of your dissertation or research work.

Log in to Office 365 (use your HV username and password).

Learn more about how to download and install the Office package on your own computer.


To facilitate your studies from home, there are some software programs that you, as a student, have the right to install for free on your computer at home.
Software you can install on your computer at home.

I have no laptop, can I borrow a computer from the university?

Unfortunately, the university does not have the opportunity to provide computers to students. The university's premises, such as computer rooms and libraries, will be kept open with the aim of giving students space for individual work in airy environments with connection and access to computers.


If you have questions or need help, you can always contact the Servicecenter by phone 0520-22 30 00 or by email to

Top tips when studying from home

Student Health has collected its best tips for completing your studies when you study from home. More information about Student Health and how they can help you.