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Central coordination for examinations is applied at University West. Unless other information is available, the examination schedule will be presented at the beginning of the course. You will find the examination schedule on the web.

Normally, examination periods are arranged every five weeks from the beginning of the autumn term. The exception is the re-take of the last exam of the spring term. A re-take week is arranged the week before the beginning of the autumn term. Exams can take place during the day or evening, Monday to Saturday.

NB! It is your responsibility as a student to check the examination schedule for when the exam for your course is planned!


You must always register for an exam, both regular and re-takes, if not otherwise advised. The registration for examination is limited to 25 to 8 days before the examination. You cannot register any later or earlier. You register on My Page > My Studies under Exams > Registration for exams. Under Show/Remove registrations you can check what exams you have registered for. If you have any problems with the registration for an examination, please fill in the form Unable to register for exams at the Student Portal. Do this as soon as possible and don't wait until the deadilne, because if there are problems and you have sent an e-mail about it, this counts as a registration for the exam.

Forgotten to register for the exam?

If you have not registered for en exam, there is a possibility to arrive on the day of the exam and write it anyway, depending on availiability in the classroom. From 8:30 or 13:00 on weekdays and 9:15 on Saturdays you can visit the Student Centre reception on 1st floor to sign a que list, "Late registration". You need to attach a Certificate of Registration to show that you are registered for the actual course. Please make a print copy of your registration, My Page/My Studies/Certificates/Certificate of Registration.

Please observe that a student registered for the exam has the right to arrive 30 minutes after the start of the exam. This means that remaining seats can only be distributed after these 30 minutes has passed so you will have to wait in the reception, and you will therefore lose approximately 40 minutes of the exam time.

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Read this before taking a written exam!

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