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Studenter står och pratar med varandra

Sneak Start is an event that we hold before school starts. As a new student, you will have the opportunity to go on guided tours and ask all the questions you probably have about everything new! Then you will find a happy group with us who work at the university and our students who are ready to answer questions. In addition, we take the opportunity to present various support functions so that you can manage your studies with the best conditions. Our campus café, Centralcaféet, offers a taste of its tastiest coffee accompanied by nice background music. It will be a calm and pleasant event and we want you to enjoy and feel at home with us. So take the opportunity to visit your new campus in peace and quiet! You will meet us at Smygstart:

The Student Union and the Student Ombudsperson

Why join the union, what it means and what benefits do I get as a student? This and much more can be answered by our union representatives!

Our students

Meet students from different programs who will show you around on campus tours, but who can also share some experiences of student life.


At Språkvingen, you can get help with academic reading, with your academic writing or with oral presentations through booked supervision, or by participating in lectures or workshops. Maybe you want to sharpen your rhetorical skills? We are there to guide you in the right direction.


Having a disability is no obstacle to you having an interesting, rewarding and exciting study time with us! Ask our coordinators about how it works and what help you can get. We are here for you!


What's it like at a college library? Do you have to whisper, or are there perhaps different surfaces for different types of needs? How do you find all your books and is there perhaps more that is good to know? Our amazing librarians have answers to these and many more questions!

Study and Career Guidance

What choices and options are possible for you during your studies? What does the study situation look like and how do you plan in the best way? Our study counsellors will guide and help you!

Student Health Care

The Student Health Service is there for you as a student at University West. You can turn to them for support in questions or difficulties related to your situation as a student or for help with things that may affect your studies. During Sneak Start, we are on site if you are curious.

The greenhouse

Drivhuset offers free and confidential guidance for those who want to develop their ideas and take them further. They also hold courses in both idea development and starting your own business. We are happy to tell you more about how we can help you manage your innovations and make them a reality!

SI passport

The SI session is for those who want to improve their study technique and have an additional opportunity to work on the subject together with others. SI sessions are a voluntary complement to teaching where organized study sessions are scheduled 1-2 times a week in traditionally demanding courses. If you want to know more, we are on site during the Sneak Start!

Service Center

Of course, we are open and here you can fix some practical things before the start of the semester and ask questions to IT about the systems you will encounter. You'll find us at the entrance, opposite restaurant Västan.