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The aim is for the user to become more receptive to using digital technology. We hope that the lab will become a place where students can learn from each other and become a place that sparks curiosity and creativity.

Our premises

DigiLab is located on the library entrance level, opposite to the stairs. The light turns on automatically and inside you'll find audio and camera equipment, smart screen, etc. to use for interviews and podcasts. 

Book DigiLab to use digital equipment. You can not book DigiLab as a group study room.

Borrow dictaphones, cameras, headphones, etc.

Are you curious about the type of equipment and software we have, what to try, and how it works? Read more about our equipment.

DigiPod - exploring study tips and digital tools

Through the Swedish podcast "DigiPodden" we get the opportunity to ask our lecturers about digital tools and methods. 

Read more and listen to all our episodes on (in Swedish).

Collaboration with Open Lab

DigiLab collaborates with OpenLab, which is located in room J337. The OpenLab activities are mainly focused on education and research, but they also have several tools and advanced equipment that you can try, for example advanced Virtual Reality.

Read more about OpenLab.

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