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What happens if I put a document in the "Shared with Everyone" folder?
One may think that the documents that you put in this folder will be shown automatically to everybody within the organization. It is not quite like that, although the document becomes available to everyone, the one who wants to see it must actively search for the document or for the person who shared it to see the document.

If I share documents with someone else, what if we both work in it at the same time?
Working in the same document is no problem. The documents are saved automatically and continuously and there is no save button. OneDrive has full multi-user support. You can see each other's cursors and at the right of the status bar you can see who is working in the document.

Are the files being backed up?
There is no way for the Service & IT Department to back up files in OneDrive. If a document is missing, you may find it in the OneDrive Recycle Bin. You will find the Recycle Bin to the left of the files and folders list in OneDrive. You have to handle the recycle Bin by yourself. The Recycle Bin is automatically emptied after 90 days.