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SI meetings are given in courses which are regarded to be extra hard by the students at University West. SI leaders are students in a higher class who have taken the course themselves. During the autumn there were 22 SI leaders at University West from different programmes and departments.

- SI is a voluntarily compliment to the ordinary lessons. If there is a SI meeting in the course, this is scheduled. The SI leaders make the other students feel secure and motivate them to take an active part in the ordinary lessons. The SI meetings increase the student throughput and the students´grades are also increased. Our SI leaders are doing a great job, says Titti Wahlström, SI coordinator at University West.

At the last autumn meeting with SI coordinators and SI leaders we meet the students Jayanth, Chetan and Prakruth. They all study "Master in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering". They say:

- We started the two-year programme last year and we are the first SI leaders. We can tell the other students about the courses, a bit like being an elder brother.

- It is a good experience, finding solutions on difficulties that might appear.

- This is something new for me. I can see that the other students appreciate it. You give and take. For an international student the first days are difficult, so we can help and answer all kinds of questions. The can ask us about anyting!

Advantages of being an SI leader - from the student´s point of view:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the subject."Learn a lot by teaching others"
  • Develop leader skills
  • Make new friends

Are you interested in how an SI meeting is organized?

Please contact one of the coordinators and they will tell you more!

How to become an SI-leader:

The student reports interest to one of the coordinators.
The student takes part on the education to become an SI-leader - three hours, three times. 
Then: The student arranges SI-meetings for other students and takes part in meetings with the other SI-leaders.


Coordinators for the SI-leaders are: