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H: \

The Home directory, H:\, is a safe place where you can save your files. Whenever you log on to the university's system you are automatically connected to your own saved files. The home directory is located under "Computer" and has a name that corresponds with your username.

Your home directory works just like a folder. You can create files and folders, and delete and rename them. The size of your home directory is limited to 10GB. The home directory is located on the university's server and is beeing backed up on a regular basis.

P: \

is used by various software installed on university computers including settings files. You can not save anything here. 

S: \

Here teachers can upload files and folders that may be needed before and during a laboratory experiment. Students can open or copy files that are here, but can not save anything.

T: \

is an area where all students can save and delete files temporarily, so here you should not save files you want to keep. Important to know is that the Service & IT department can NOT restore files that disappeared from T: \. The Service & IT department cleans this area periodically and deletes all files.

These drives can also be accessed from any internet connected computer via You log in with your University West username and password.

Important to remember

  • It is good to have multiple copies of the most important files.
  • USB flash drives are good but they can easily break or get lost. Be sure to store your files on at least one more drive e.g. your homedirectory, H:.
  • Do not save any files in "My Documents" on the university's computers. My documents is connected to the local disk drive C: \ and the files here can be deleted at any time. You have to actively choose to save at H:.